Why Hire a Disability Lawyer?

Every person has the right to be represented in his or her disability case before Social Security. It is your choice whether you file the disability application and pursue appeals on your own or whether you hire a disability lawyer to represent you. A disability lawyer provides advice and guides you through the administrative process. Disability lawyers know the Social Security rules and regulations, are able how to get evidence and make the arguments to prove disability. Having a disability lawyer may improve your chances of being approved for disability benefits.

What Can a Disability Lawyer Do for Me?

A disability lawyer you appoint can:

  • Answer your questions and address your concerns regarding your case;
  • Assist you with completing and filing the initial disability claim application;
  • Develop the best theory of disability and advocate your disability case;
  • Help you get medical records or other important information to support your claim;
  • Represent you in any interview, conference, or hearing you have with Social Security;
  • Write briefs to support your case;
  • Help you and any of your witnesses prepare for a hearing; and
  • Request appeals when necessary.

How Much Does Hiring a Disability Lawyer Cost?

The costs are fairly straightforward.  Most disability lawyers have a free consultation where they evaluate your case. Based on the information you get from the consultation, you will know the merits of your case going forward and can decide about hiring representation.

Many disability lawyers charge a contingency fee where they get paid only if you are found to be disabled and entitled to disability benefits. No payment is required if you are not approved. Contingency fees are regulated by law and approved by Social Security. The contingency fee amount is 25% of your disability back pay or no more than $6,000.  You pay the disability lawyer only if you win your case.  Disability lawyers are highly motivated to actively work to get your disability case approved by Social Security so that they will also get paid.

Another type of fee some disability lawyers charge is a fee for the number of hours worked on the disability case through a fee petition. The fee petition requests approval for hours of work. It is also regulated by law and must be approved by Social Security.

When Should I Contact a Disability Lawyer?

Even if you are just starting to consider filing a claim for disability, you should consult with a disability lawyer to answer any questions you may have and help you evaluate the strength of your case. It is a very good idea to hire a disability lawyer before you file your initial disability application with Social Security. The lawyer will help you identify and address the relevant legal issues right from the start of your case.

Throughout the adjudication process, the disability lawyer can give you advice and assist you with completing required forms and other paperwork as you work together to navigate your claim.

Should I Hire a Disability Lawyer if My Case is on Appeal?

If you filed your disability claim with Social Security on your own and you now have received notice that your claim has been denied, it is not too late for you to you appoint a disability attorney to represent you through the appeals process, such as reconsideration, an administrative law judge hearing, and Appeals Council review. The disability lawyer can help collect and submit key medical evidence, communicate with your doctor and any other medical professionals who have treated you, prepare you for any questions that the administrative law judge may ask at the hearing, and advocate for you with Social Security.

Contact a Disability Lawyer for Help

Choose a disability lawyer who is experienced and knows what is required to win your Social Security disability case. When a disability attorney at Cardea Disability, LLC represents you, we show our commitment by providing you with information, guidance, and support at every step. For a free consultation, contact a disability lawyer at Cardea Disability, LLC at 334-440-6261 and visit our website at https://cardealawgroup.com.